Vision & Purpose

Uniqueness is the expression of life. No two leaves even on the same branch are alike – Avi

‘Inner-Revolution’ is a non-profit organization headquartered in Tennessee, working to empower people to reach to their highest possibilities. We are helping individuals to take care of their physical, mental and emotional well-being. We are on a mission to inspire people to overcome their mental blocks and discover a life of purpose, positivity, and creativity.

We are a curious bunch of people seeking the best of what life has to offer; inner peace, success, happiness and deeper connection with life. We are passionate about the human potential and its tremendous possibilities. Above all, we love life and are hell-bent on living it to the fullest.

What We Do

Offer impactful & meaningful information for self-transformation.

Help people overcome stress & anxiety through meaningful interventions.

Design & develop self-transformation programs.

Design online and in person programs for individual well-being & growth.

Encourage volunteers to spread their knowledge and expertise to help others.

Inner-Revolution is on a grand quest to help people overcome their mental blocks and discover their full potential. We can use all the help we can get! We have volunteering opportunities in article writing, book editing, program organization, teaching, fundraising, counselling, and lots more. If you’re interested in helping us by contributing your time and energy, use the volunteer form to share your information.

Volunteering with Inner-Revolution offers you an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of people around you. It also offers you an opportunity to transform your life by bringing in more meaning and purpose to your actions.

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