Inner Revolution

Inner Revolution is a vision of the awakened teacher Avi. The purpose of ‘Inner Revolution’ is to help you go beyond the limitations and frustrations of daily living and guide you on your way to inner peace, certainty, love and bliss. Your transformation is our only occupation.

We believe in the power of knowledge and meditation, and we also believe in the ability of people to collaborate and learn from each other. We have created this open-source, self-transformation platform where you can share your ideas, learn and grow.


Nothing expands your intelligence and awareness like reading. Explore articles written by some of the most brilliant and creative minds on some of the most engaging topics.


If you believe what you have to say can transform a life, then you should write with us. Writing with us gives you the satisfaction of sharing your wisdom to help transform a life. It also offers an opportunity to showcase your work.


We are a 100% volunteer-driven nonprofit. We have tons of volunteering opportunities in transcribing, editing, content writing, publishing and more. Explore how you can become a part of our volunteer force and help propel the inner revolution.


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