A profound mystic and teacher

The Story

Avi was born in the bustling city of Bangalore, in India. He grew up like most other kids in India, trying to embrace the spiritual traditions of an ancient land that was quickly losing all its sense of mystery, wisdom and grandeur to modernization.

After having lived a mechanistic corporate lifestyle for six years, Avi decided to pursue his passion for life, learning and teaching. He pursued this passion through extensive reading, which eventually introduced him to the path of meditation and spirituality. He began to visit various spiritual centers across India looking for a teacher and guidance.

His intense meditation practice eventually began at home, with six other people living together. It did not take him long to figure out that none of his family members were able to understand why a young boy of 23 years had left a well-paying corporate job to spend all his day sitting at home, apparently doing nothing. They had no clue that Avi had decided to walk the path of Self-realization and he was spending most of his time in silent contemplation and meditation.

After six months of struggling to explain his situation to his family members, he knew that he had to leave home if he had to continue his meditations. Then one midnight, he shoved a few books under his arm, waved goodbye to his old life and walked out of the house. He rented a small room and spent the next few years alone in silence and deep meditation. After several years of intense meditation, he had the profound experience of self-realization.


Journey to America

Avi’s passion for teaching acquired a whole new meaning after his enlightenment. Now, along with his passion for teaching, he had something profound to share. He founded ‘Ahamo’ as a non-profit organization in India and began teaching about meditation and self-realization.

One of his students in India was originally from America. He invited Avi to travel with him to America for his family visit. Avi did, and began to deliver talks and sessions in Tennessee. When it was time to go back to India, Avi told his friend that “his work was in America”.  He could see just how stressed and spiritually starved we all are.  He set up Ahamo as a non-profit organization in Tennessee, got his work visa approved and began envisioning a spiritual center.

Since finding a place in Crab Orchard Tennessee, he has initiated the construction of a meditation hall and housing for students who wish to pursue the path of spirituality.  He teaches every day, both for students in Crab Orchard, as well as for the world-wide audience through the YouTube channel “Inner-Revolution” His talks are currently being transcribed into several books.


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