What is depression?

Most explanations the medical profession gives for depression is to simply rephrase the symptoms of depression without ever getting to the root of the problem. One thing is for sure though, depression is a mental phenomenon.

Sure, there are some physical maladies that share some of the same symptoms as depression, but depression cannot be cured with drugs. Since depression is in the mind, we need to look at exactly what is happening in the mind.

The mind is not your brain. The mind is a vast collection of thoughts, memories, emotions and desires. You just know they are there. That’s the mind. 

Depression arises from the unknown; not knowing how a situation is going to turn out; not understanding why things are happening the way they are; feeling like you aren’t in control of your life. It is an out-of-control thought process that usually consists of regurgitating happenings from the past.

We can’t change the past–it’s gone! We can learn from the experiences of the past, but we’ve got to learn to let go and live in the present moment. There’s a saying that goes something like “If you’re stressed you’re living in the future, if you’re depressed, you are living in the past.” So true isn’t it?

The signs, symptoms, and effects we experience with stress and depression are very similar, and many of them are in the body, but the root cause of both stress and depression is always in the mind. That’s good news! That means that you are the one in control of treating it.


Loss of Interest


Feeling Guilty

Extreme Negativity

Feeling Bored

Constant Fidgeting


Lack of Energy


Chronic Pain

Frequent Sickness


Lack of Appetite

Digestion Problems

Stomach Ache


Loss of Sexual Desire



Emotional Imbalance

Erratic Decisions



Persistent Sadness



how to go beyond Depression?

There are two approaches we can take to deal with depression. The first approach is something you can do NOW! a quick relief! The second approach takes a little more commitment from you, but is a thoroughly rewarding process of going beyond depression once and for all.

Now, let’s look at 10 quick and effective ways to deal with the symptoms of depression:

1) Visit with a friend, talk about everything positive. Avoid getting into a “pity party”.

2) Get creative. Make something pretty, do something fun, something you’ve never done before. This will get your mind off the same-old-nagging thought processes.

3) Pay close attention to the language of the conversation in your mind during a depressing situation. Make a conscious effort to avoid negative conversation. When you start feeling this way, you can think of a color: let’s say “red”. Repeat the word “red, red, red, red” in your mind, picture the color red, and do this until your mind is saturated with the color red, and the depressing thoughts are crowded out. Sounds weird, but it works!

4) If there are irritating things in your life like a table that you constantly stump your toe on, a door that squeaks, a broken lid, or something similar, FIX IT! All these little things just add to your nagging thoughts. Straighten up your house or your room. A clean, tidy environment works wonders for a depressed mood.

5) Have pets and connect with nature around you. Nature has the power to heal your depression. Fresh air does wonders for helping create pleasant thoughts. 

6) Listen to pleasant and uplifting instrumental music. Listen to birds and sounds of nature. Drink a cup of tea while you’re listening. Drink from a nice cup–you deserve it!

7) Don’t worry about things you can’t control! This just adds to the negative roller-coaster ride in your mind.

8) Practice love, compassion and forgiveness. Don’t harbor negative feelings of anger, resentment or jealousy.

9) Your emotional state affects your thought process, and this in turn affects your stress and depression levels. Learn to identify and control your different emotional states.

10) Learn to be mindful of your actions throughout the day. Be in the moment. Don’t dwell on the past–you CAN’T change it! Everything happens like it’s supposed to happen and we can only change things that are in this moment–remember that. If there’s something you can do in this moment to make life better, NOW is the time to do it. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday.

Dealing with immediate symptoms of depression will only provide short-term relief. To be able to reduce your depression levels on a longer run and to eventually go beyond depression, you have to take a more scientific and systematic long-term approach.

To help you go beyond depression permanently, we have designed a comprehensive online program with all the necessary resources, tools and guidance. “Inner-Revolution” is one of the most effective programs designed to overcome stress, anxiety & depression fully.

Inner  Revolution is a nonprofit public charity headquartered in Tennessee. Our mission is to reduce stress, anxiety and depression across America through programs & awareness activities. We are 100% committed to the cause of helping you live a more peaceful & stress-free life.

Inner-Revolution Online Program

Can you imagine never brushing your teeth? I bet you can’t! This is because you have been taught how important it is to keep your mouth clean. Throughout our lives we are taught how to walk, talk, eat, and take care of our bodies, but nobody has ever taught us how to take care of our minds. We are not taught how to deal with negative emotions such as stress, anger, fear, or rejection.

Our bodies instinctively know when to rest, but our minds run constantly–no one has taught us how to get a break from the constant barrage of thoughts generated by our minds. Our minds are the teeth that have never been brushed.

“Inner-Revolution” online program is a unique endeavor to provide the best possible resources for individual transformation. This revolutionary program is the result of years of wisdom distilled from the Inner Revolution team. Subjects including philosophy, psychology, spirituality, religion, science, arts and language have been explored and utilized to offer simple, effective and practical solutions to deal with life. This program has been comprehensively designed to help you understand the most important aspects of life in its entirety.

Key issues addressed by the “Inner-revolution” program

Physical & Mental

Mind-Body Relationship

Mental Well-being

Handling Craving & Addiction

Physical Well-being

Lifestyle-Related Issues


Stress & Anxiety

Successful Life

Fear & Uncertainty

Emotional Balance

Work-Life Balance


Identity Crisis

Creativity & Individual Expression

Deeper Meaning & Purpose of Life

Self Transformation

Research Results Reported by Program Participants


Reduced Stress


Renewed Energy and Enthusiasm


Better Quality of Sleep


Better Emotional Balance

Participant feedback

I’ve been struggling with questions like, there’s got to be something more to life, and how can I be happierSince taking the Inner Revolution program, I am now on a path which answers those questions and many more!


This program has completely transformed my life. I cannot imagine my life without having gone through this wonderful program. My understanding and experience of life has improved significantly.


I learned so many new aspects of human psychology and emotions that are not taught to us in mainstream education. You owe it to yourself to take this program and start living life like you have always wanted.


“Inner-Revolution” is an online program comprised of 14 sessions of 45-60 minutes each. Once registered for the program, you will have access to the content for 60 days. Each program module consists of text, videos, guided sessions and assessment questions.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Can I split up a lesson into 2 parts if I don’t have time to finish the lesson in one session?

Each lesson will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour to complete. Although it’s better to take the lesson in one sitting, splitting it up into 2 sessions is okay if necessary.

Question 2: Do I have to drastically change any of my daily routines to apply the learnings?

Inner-Revolution is designed to be easily incorporated into your daily routine without requirement of any dramatic changes. Simple, practical and effective techniques for self-transformation are the basis of this program.

Question 3: Can I share the program with my friends?

Inner-Revolution is a non-profit organization that was founded to spread the message of inner peace and love. All the proceeds collected from programs, books, and donations are used to help spread the message far and wide. Please share the links to let people know about the program, but don’t share your personal login details with others. We thank you.

Question 4: Is there a minimum age limit?

Anybody 13 years and above will benefit from taking this program.

Question 5: Is there any kind of software I need to have to view the program?

No. All you need is an internet connection. The program loads directly on your web browser.

Question 6: Can I take the program on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! The program has been optimized to be viewed on a cellphone or a tablet.

Question 7: Can I cancel the program and get a refund before the 60 days?

Registration will give you full access to the program content. If you are dissatisfied about any aspect of the program, you can reach out to us. Refund is not an available option.

Question 8: Will I see all lessons at once or one at a time? How much time do I have to complete one lesson?

You will have access to the entire program from day 1 to 60. You may repeat, rewind, and watch any part of any lesson as many times as you wish for the 60-day period.

Question 9: If I'm interested in further learning, what should I do?

Contact us if you wish to pursue your practice further. Our teachers are available for one-on-one instruction and we can have advanced programs scheduled at our center in Tennessee.

Question 10: How do I contact you if I have any questions or technical difficulties?

You can chat with us. If we are offline, you can leave a message and we will get back to you. You can also e-mail us at info@inner-revolution.org or reach us at 931 787 3333.

Special introductory price: $119

100% of your program fee goes to support our non-profit cause. Upon registration you will be directed to the online program. We will send you an email with your login details. You will have 60 days to complete the program.

You will have chat and phone support throughout the program to get your questions answered.

Inner-Revolution Registration Form


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