75% of Americans suffer moderate to severe stress & anxiety. Almost 20% of America suffers from some form of depression.

Approximately 20 million American adults suffer from some form of drug and substance addiction. Drug addiction costs American society more than $740 billion annually.

1.5 million Americans attempt suicide every year. 90% of them are due to mental issues related to stress, anxiety & depression.

Approximately 50,000 Americans commit suicide every year. Almost 90% of them can be saved through right interventions.

Where does your contribution go?

  • Programs 74% 74%
  • Research 6% 6%
  • Management 12% 12%
  • Development 8% 8%

What are we currently working on?


a) “Inner-Revolution Online” Program to help individuals deal with stress, anxiety & depression.

b) “Retirement Om” in person program to help senior citizens deal with old age boredom, mental fatigue & memory loss.

c) “Heavily Meditated” program for patients dealing with post traumatic stress disorder.

d) Awareness and counselling programs for individuals suffering from severe anxiety & depression.

Inner-Revolution Center

We are building the first “Inner-Revolution” center in Crab Orchard, Tennessee. The center will offer transformational programs to help individuals deal with daily stress and also go beyond severe anxiety & depression.

The center is being built with generous contributions from individuals who are committed to the cause. We aim to develop more such centers across America.

Your Contribution can save a life

Inner-Revolution is committed to the cause of combating stress, anxiety, depression, and reducing the number of mental health related suicides in America.

We are a 501(C)(3) public charity registered in the state of Tennessee. Your contributions are tax deductible.


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