Meditation makes life beautiful

We’ve all heard the term “meditation” many times in our lives. The word probably brings up images of monks, bald heads, temples, incense, crossed-legs, and all that. Well, it turns out that meditation is a lot simpler.

To know what meditation is, or what meditation can do for you, simply close your eyes for one minute and notice what’s going on in your mind. Make a note of how many different thoughts pass through your head in one minute. Notice how many of those thoughts are sheer nonsense, and how many of those thoughts are simply rewinds of thoughts you have seen innumerable times. Wouldn’t it be nice to go beyond this constant disturbance of the mind to enjoy a perfectly peaceful and quiet moment?

That’s exactly what meditation can do for you. Meditation is a way for you to systematically quieten your mind so that you can really relax. Every night our bodies relax totally, so why shouldn’t our minds be able to tune out and relax the same way?

Traditionally, meditation is all about taking time to sit still and be quiet. Our revolutionary meditation techniques are transforming the way we look at meditation. We have created simple, fun, and exciting methods that you can practice very easily and incorporate into your daily life.

Explore some of our techniques below. Also feel free to chat with our meditation experts to clear out your doubts. We are here to help you discover the sheer joy and magic of meditation.


Revolutionary Meditation Techniques

Breathing Meditation

Meditating on the breath is one of the oldest and most effective meditation techniques. It is called Vipassana. Breath is not air, it is life itself. Meditation on the breath is meditation on the life force that is sustaining us. 

Sit in a comfortable posture, close your eyes and begin to watch your breath. Keep your entire focus and awareness on the breath. Follow the breath as it moves in and out. Travel along the breath. Move your focus along the breath. Pause when the breath pauses, move as the breath moves. 

As you continue to focus on the breath, allow all your mental stress and distractions to dissolve into the breath. Allow your daily stress and anxiety to dissolve into the breath. Allow the silent rhythm of the breath to slowly envelope you. Slowly, moment by moment, become the breath.

Although this meditation can be done at any time during the day, it is best suited for mornings. As you wake up to a new day and new experiences, take some time to watch your life force. This meditation can be practiced for anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

Musical Meditation

Music is the language of the soul. It resonates and moves the deepest parts of our being. This is why music is transcendental and universal. Pleasant instrumental music can be used to deepen your meditation. Music can become a complete method by itself. 

Play some pleasant instrumental music that is not jarring and disturbing. Sit in a comfortable posture, close your eyes and begin to listen to the music. Slowly allow the music to resonate within you. Keep your entire focus on the music, just make sure that you don’t drift away in thoughts. Continue to listen to the music consciously by being in the present moment. Relax with the music and stay alert. 

Music allows your mind to relax. It takes away unwanted distracting thought processes to instill a sense of silence and stillness. Allow the music to carry you deep into the depths of your heart. Allow the music to lead you on an inward journey. Stay alert all the time. Every time you drift in thoughts, bring your attention back to the music. Stay with the music and move with it throughout the practice. 

Musical meditation is best suited for a quiet, reflective evening meditation. As you begin to wind down your day with some relaxing time, you can begin your musical meditation. Pleasant music allows distracting throughts of the day to settle down to help you to relax easily. You can practice this meditation anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour.

Visual Meditation

Light has a magical property. It has the ability to draw and hold your attention. There is something in light that draws you to it. You can use this property of light in your meditations without having to worry about closing your eyes. Light can lead the way to your inner life. 

Candle light meditation is best done in the evenings when natural day light is either dim or gone. Place a lit candle at about arms length in a way that you can look at the candle flame straight ahead. Sit in a comfortable posture and begin to look at the flame. This meditation is ideal if you are having trouble concentrating while keeping your eyes closed. You can keep your eyes open throughout this meditation. Continue to watch the flame and its gentle movements. Allow all your distracting throughts to disolve into the flame. Stay calm, relaxed and be in the present moment throughout the practice. 

Candle light meditaiton is an evening meditation. It is a perfect meditation to end the day with. This meditation can be practiced for anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour. Candle light meditation is extremely effective in helping you to focus and remove distractions. This meditation is ideal for beginners. 

We will update this page regularly with more methods and techniques. Bookmark this page and check back from time to time.


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