We are here for only one purpose; to reach deep into our hearts, bring out the best of what we can find, and offer it as a gift to others.


Inner-Revolution is a vision of author and enlightened teacher Avi. We are committed to offering the best possible resources for your self-transformation. We offer meditation guidance and practical life wisdom.

We are a non-profit organization registered in the state of Tennessee, dedicated to helping you go beyond daily stress & anxiety, and discover a life of peace, purpose, and deeper connection.

The Secret of Inspiration

Why is it difficult to stay inspired and motivated all the time? What is it in the nature of life that makes it so hard to keep our motivation going? Let’s try to understand the science of motivation. More importantly, let’s try to understand why we lose the ability...

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Plant, Animal or Human?

Our lives aren’t so much different from that of animals, or plants for that matter. Think about it: When you pick a plant or pull a leaf off a tree, within a short time it withers, dies, and decomposes. That spark of life has been severed and survival is no longer...

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The Mind Game

I had a boss years ago who used to say, “If you don’t want to know the answer to the question, then don’t ask the question.” At first I thought that was a stupid saying but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Let’s say for example that you ask your...

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Your Mama was Right!

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all! Ever look back at all the things our mothers told us when we were growing up? I know I do. Some of it didn’t make any sense at the time, but by revisiting what she said, I can see the relevance to making life...

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Quick Pleasure or Lasting Bliss?

“The purpose is to transcend pain and suffering.” What is meditation? What is the message of Jesus? What is the message of Buddha? Their message is that there is a zone within us; a zone where there is peace and tremendous joy. When you touch this joy, you know that...

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